Pet-Care-Insert-ImageWe have been in business for 18 years and are insured & bonded. Our primary purpose is to provide In-Home Pet Care at an affordable cost. Our experience with giving special needs pets the attention and love that they need is unmatched by any other pet sitting organization. We are experienced in giving pills, insulin shots, Sub Q fluids, and any necessary pet first aid that might be needed.

For an overnight stay your pets are never left alone for more then 4 hours during the day and we are there all night with them. We always leave a pet diary for you to read upon your return. While you are gone we stay in close contact and you will ALWAYS have our phone number to check in with us and your pets.

Our second goal is to provide House Sitting Services. While we are there taking care of your pet we are also making sure that your mail is brought in, flowers are watered, your yard is mowed etc. We will maintain your house and make sure it looks lived in for security reasons. While you are gone from your home we can, if needed, act as your personal assistant, taking care of any personal or business things that might pop up while you are gone.

We can customize a package that is right for you and your pets’ needs. If doggie walks during the day is what you want, you got it! If you need an overnight stay, you got it! if you need two visits a day, you got it! If you need someone to just check on your house while you are gone, we can do that too! Whatever it is you need we can customized a package that is right for you and your pet, or right for just you if you have no pets.

If you haven’t tried us give us a call, you’ll be glad you did. We look forward to meeting you and your pets.

* Fees are per dog. There is an additional charge of $10 per dog for overnight stays; $10 per dog for One Trip Visits and Two Trip Visits.

** Fees are per dog with a minimum charge of 4 hours.

The Team at e-Services Pet Care pride themselves on doing what we commit to doing. However, our team’s safety along with your pet’s safety is our first priority.

Therefore, dog walks will be canceled and/or rescheduled due to inclement weather. We apologize for any inconvenience due to this but in the end, Mother Nature rules.

* Fees are per three kitties. There is an additional charge of $5 per kitty for services performed for more than three kitties.

** Fees are per three kitties with a minimum charge of 4 hours.

The Team at e-Services Pet Care pride themselves on doing what we commit to doing. However, our team’s safety along with your pet’s safety is our first priority.

Therefore, dog walks will be canceled and/or rescheduled due to inclement weather. We apologize for any inconvenience due to this but in the end, Mother Nature rules.


Our first experience with e-Services Pet Care was a last minute request for pet care. We needed overnight care for Jake (our 13 year old Black Lab) who has recently lost his vision and Stella (our 6 year old German Shepard Mix) who is extremely intelligent but skeptical/leery around men. Rhonnie arranged a meet and greet with Kai.

Jake automatically welcomed him and accepted Kai as his new “Buddy”. By the end of the meet and greet Stella was warming up to Kai’s soft voice and his calm and gentle demeanor. He is not only a dog whisperer…he was the “Stella Whisperer”. Kai came through for us!

During his pet sitting visit; Kai texted us to let us know he arrived and kept us informed throughout the day with pictures of our fur babies and information about their food intake, poo conditions, and sleeping habits.

Kai guided Jake up and down the stairs and helped him into his bed. He threw the football for Stella out in the backyard.

When we got home, Kai left a diary outlining his visit.

It is our pleasure to recommend Kai and Errand Service Biz, Inc for your pet care needs.

Synge and Lesalea


Just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of my best buddy, Fred! He was a bit of a challenge with his curiosity about the cats but you were so good with making his stay with you fun! He thinks he died and went to heaven in your fenced-in backyard that he could just enjoy with no leash! And sending the photos of him each day was just a great added bonus!

Jessica M.


Rhonnie is a phenomenal kitty sitter! I have one very timid kitty and she and her Team do such a great job making sure he feels safe and comfortable while I’m away. I would recommend her business to anyone looking for a reliable service and someone who genuinely cares about your pets!

Carly C.


I’m so proud of our neighbors and friends Rhonnie R. McCauley & Heather. They do the best work – work of care and kindness, through their Errand Service Biz, Inc. Keeping and caring for pets – and keeping company and caring for elders – is at the heart of what they do. If you know someone who needs caretaking, please contact them! You’ll be glad you have the support you really need AND you’ll be helping a local small business thrive!

Alyson-Miller G.


I highly recommend Rhonnie McCauley’s #ErrandServiceBizINC for all of your pet care needs. She is knowledgeable, reliable, compassionate and devoted to your pet and so is her entire team. Rhonnie has vast knowledge when it comes to pets’ needs and the resources to follow up. Her business model isn’t merely a professional service. It’s a personal commitment. That’s what sets her and #e-services apart from the many other pet care businesses in Colorado. Your animal becomes HER animal. It’s not just a job. It’s a passion. She treats each of her four-legged clients as her own, which is what I love and value most about her and Errand Service Biz. I will always utilize Rhonnie’s services and highly recommend them to anyone. She’s simply exceptional.

Kathy M.


I have never been happier leaving my Doodles with someone else. Snickers and Sammie were brought into their home and treated just like family. I got pictures throughout the day, showing them resting, playing and out on walks. They were even allowed into the bedroom (where they normally sleep at home). We will definitely use the service again!

Johnna Koenig


Rhonnie is absolutely the best!! My Summer girl has the best time when she visits the Rae Rae Zoo. She hates to leave!! She has so much fun there playing with Sol and Stella Rae. Best place to have your pet stay when you are out of town!!

Dana G.


Rhonnie provides pet care service beyond expectations! She and her assistant Chanelle love and care for our cats as if they were their own! We get daily texts and photos with updates on their care when we’re out of town, during which they spend ample time playing with the cats. Above that, Rhonnie literally saved our cat’s life, who was recently diagnosed with chronic renal failure. When I contacted her about Scooter’s diagnosis, Rhonnie continually emailed me with vet referrals for second opinions and gave loads of advice based on her experience in nursing her own cat through CRF for several years. She even volunteered (and followed on her offer without hesitation) to assist me with administering subcutaneous fluids when my husband was out of town. I highly recommend Rhonnie for any and all pet care needs! She is a gem!

Sarah Mastous


Rhonnie is my most beloved pet sitter, fabulous client, and dear friend. My three ridiculous dogs absolutely love her, and I can trust that they are always safe with her. Rhonnie is very knowledgeable and shows great attention to detail. Being a veterinarian, my fuzzy kids are my children, and their health is especially (neurotically) important to me. They each have their own special food (because of course they can’t eat the same thing with dietary issues, etc), they are all on several supplements and medications, and they all have to go for walks every single day or they get stir crazy. Not only do I know Rhonnie will ensure the best of care when I am away, I get daily notes regarding their appetite, energy levels, urination, bowel movements, and any changes in health status. I am so thankful for Rhonnie–she truly is the best!

Dr. Ann Vestal

Veterinarian, Veterinary Emergency & Rehabilitation, Ft. Collins


My 4.5 year old boxer Ruby LOVES Rhonnie and the team! Deborah is SO great and working with Ruby on her distractions (she is dog aggressive) and I have really noticed a difference in Ruby’s behavior on our walks. Ruby also loves Chanell; she’s great at playing with Ruby and they have a great time at their sleepovers! The team is communicative and prompt. I would recommend.

Frances Carr


I recently lost one of my dogs and my other dog needs some special love and care. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better than Rhonnie R. McCauley to help out with walks for CK and more importantly for her and her staff’s (Chanell’s) support for both CK and myself!

If you’re in need of a pet care provider, look no further!

Susan Despotopules


We have had nothing but exceptional service from Rhonnie and her team for our older kitty Penny. They have been super communicative and professional and accommodating to us even during holiday periods. Penny loves their visits and they do a great job of taking care of our house and plants. I would highly recommend!

Lindsay Jorgerson


Rhonnie and her team have been helping to walk my dog for a little over a year. I can’t adequately express how helpful this has been to me and what a relief I feel knowing my pet gets taken care of when I am at work. Rhonnie has stayed with me through a move from Firestone to Broomfield. She is the first one I turn to when I know I need some extra help to care for my dog. I love the daily journal and comments her team leaves about their visits; it always puts a smile on my face. I’d recommend Rhonnie to anyone in a heart beat. She is professional, easy to get be in contact with, and absolutely passionate about her work. To Rhonnie and everyone on your team, thank you for what you do!

Jen Morse & Dog Daisy


We LOVE Rhonnie and her team! And our collie especially loves it when Rhonnie stops by to care for him and give him a walk. She’s so kind, and he’s a handful (we’re working on training and harnessing that puppy energy!) but he behaves well for Rhonnie. And afterward, she gives us observations that then help us when we work with him. Always on time, reliable, trustworthy, delightful, communicative…honestly, I could go on and on about Rhonnie, Heather, Anne, and their whole team. –Our family is one very happy client!

Anna Gentry Erie, CO


Rhonnie and her team helped make a trip to Colorado from Ohio for my aunt and uncle stress-free in taking good care of their dogs (a 130 pound mixed breed beast and a pit bull) while they attended my wedding. My aunt and uncle never travel, and certainly never ever leave their dogs with other people, so this was big. They came away with glowing comments about how caring and attentive Rhonnie and team were. They loved on the dogs, and the dogs loved on them. It was a match made in heaven. Thanks a hundred times over, Errand Service Biz!

Allyson M, Lafayette

Rhonnie is amazing. She’s warm and compassionate, prompt and courteous – and she will bend over backwards to help out in a jam.  She’s like instant family – the kind of person you can count on to make things right. Rhonnie, can we clone you?!

April Talbott Strickland

Boulder Valley Humane Society

Recently I was planning a quick vacation to the city of luck, Vegas. Little did I realize my city of luck was actually here! I happened upon e-Services Pet Care, and called looking for a friendly and assuring voice to take care of my animals while I was away, and I got it! I spoke with a Deb Levine, and we scheduled our meet and greet. I was apprehensive about one of my dogs (Toby) in particular liking and letting another person in the house while we were away so, when Deb came over and Toby began to act a little apprehensive himself about this new person in his house, I thought to myself well, I might have to board my dogs after all. Yuck! Then that’s when Deb reassured Toby that all was ok, and he really took a liking to her after he got some one-on-one time in the meet and greet. We scheduled the days for visits, went through the details of what we needed and I was now able to relax and look forward to my trip to Vegas. While we were in Vegas we felt very good about everything back home, knowing our animals were in very capable hands.

We didn’t win much in Vegas, but we won here when we got home. We now have a very reliable, professional, and loving pet care sitter that I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND to anyone who is looking for peace of mind and assurance that your animals are in the BEST OF CARE!! Deb, went above and beyond our basic needs for our animals (food and water), and walked the dogs daily, took in our mail, wrote fun diary entries on the dogs interactions during her visits, turned on and off lights, and cleaned our cats litter box. David and I were the one’s that were supposed to be on vacation, but we feel like our dogs got a vacation of their own with all the personal attention and love from Deb. Thank you again for providing us with more than just a service, you provided us with true peace of mind!

Kara Potts