Corporate-Shirley-Text-ImageAt e-Services our Corporate Concierges will always be polite, flexible and accommodating. We will help you facilitate your busy schedules. e-Services will perform duties similar to hotel concierges. We serve our clients’ personal and business related needs. e-Services will help you manage time more efficiently by taking on some of your personal and private work. Time is important, as we all know it’s a commodity…..we can never gain that hour back. Let us help you manage your time and your employees time. Employees are happier and more productive when they are not stressed about the things that they need to when they get home from work. LET US DO IT FOR THEM!!

Some examples of our time saving services are the following:

· Arrange for a ride ( Limo, Taxi or Shuttle)
· Make dinner reservations
· Obtain tickets for events
· Plan your childs’ birthday party or your anniversary
· Shop for gifts
· Take your car in for an oil change and deliver it back to you
· Pick up dry cleaning

Try us, you’ll love us!

Destra Consulting, Inc is an international organizational development firm located in Boulder, CO. We regularly employee e-Services for transportation to Denver International Airport, as the principals in our firm travel at least weekly. We have always found Rhonnie and her colleagues to be prompt, reliable and exceptionally pleasant.

Just recently, we employed Rhonnie to transport a representative from one of our largest and most treasured clients. She receives the highest recommendation from all of us at Destra Consulting Group, Inc.

Pamela T. Dennis, Boulder

President, Destra Consulting Group, Inc.

The 1997 National Study on the Changing Workforce reveals a complex relationship between Job Characteristics, Home-Life Characteristics and numerous positive outcomes such as Job Performance, Retention, and Commitment to the Employer. Specifically, the findings indicate that, when workers feel burned-out by their jobs, when they have insufficient time and energy for themselves and their families,… these feelings spill back into the workplace, limiting job performance.

Source: 1997 National Study on the Changing Workforce Families and Work Institute, 1998