• Widget, Superior

    Widget, Superior.

  • Ducky, Superior

    Ducky, Superior.

  • Norm, Louisville

    Norm, Louisville.

  • Wylie, Superior

    Wylie, Superior.
    I am.a diabetic.

  • Jake, Westminster

    Jake, Westminster.

  • Stella, Westminster

    Stella, Westminster.

  • Jake, Erie

    Jake, Erie.

  • Fred, New York

    Fred, New York.
    "I love Flying to Colorado."

  • Miranda, Lafayette

    Miranda, Lafayette.

  • Hamstery, Lafayette

    Hamstery, Lafayette.

  • Charlie, Lafayette

    Charlie, Lafayette.

  • Pinball, Lafayette

    Pinball, Lafayette.

  • Eowyn & Elphaba, Erie

    Eowyn & Elphaba, Erie.

  • Beau & Remy, Lafayette

    Beau & Remy, Lafayette. One of us is a diabetic.

  • Zeppelin, Lafayette

    Zeppelin, Lafayette.

  • Bebop, Lafayette

    Bebop, Lafayette.

  • Rocco, Denver

    Rocco, Denver.

  • Ted, Lafayette

    Ted, Lafayette.

  • Zoe, Lafayette

    Zoe, Lafayette.

  • Luna, Lafayette

    Luna, Lafayette.

  • Blue, Niwot

    Blue, Niwot.

  • Mischa, Lafayette

    Mischa, Lafayette.

  • Gabriel, Lafayette

    Gabriel, Lafayette.

  • Mulligan, Louisville

    Mulligan, Louisville.

  • Sophie, Lafayette

    Sophie, Lafayette.

  • Whitney, Lafayette

    Whitney, Lafayette.

  • Oki, Louisville

    Oki, Louisville.

  • Ruby, Louisville

    Ruby, Louisville.

  • Niko, Lafayette

    Niko, Lafayette.

  • Scooter, Lafayette

    Scooter, Lafayette.
    I get fluids.