Rhonnie McCauley, MBA

Founder, CEO, Certified in Canine & Feline CPR & First Aid ( Pet CPR +) by Pet Emergency Education.

RhonnieHi, I’m Rhonnie. I would like to share a little bit about myself. I love all animals and most people. I have two dogs and three cats.

In February of 2004 I completed my Masters degree in Business (MBA). Several people (clients) have asked me what I am going to do with my MBA and if I plan on keeping my business. I tell them that I will use my MBA knowledge to run my business more efficiently and effectively. I will focus on keeping my personal approach but at the same time balancing the growth of the business with the personal needs that each and everyone one of  my clients deserve.

Thank you for your continued business with e-Services.


Rhonnie’s Furry Family!

  • Scooby Rae

    Scooby Rae

  • Skye Rae

    Skye Rae

  • Sol Rae

    Sol Rae

  • Stella Rae

    Stella Rae

  • Monty Rae

    Monty Rae





  • Bobby Rae

    Bobby Rae

  • Sammy Rae

    Sammy Rae

  • Sophie Rae

    Sophie Rae

  • Sydney Rae

    Sydney Rae

  • Fishy Rae

    Fishy Rae

  • Charlie Rae Botts

    Charlie Rae Botts


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Heather Walls, M.S.

Specialist, Pet & Senior Care, Certified in Canine & Feline CPR & First Aid ( Pet CPR +) by Pet Emergency Education.

HeatherHeather was a high school counselor in New York for 8 years and has her Masters Degree in Educational Psychology. She moved to Colorado 7 years ago to study herbal medicine and natural healing. She has her Colorado Educator License and is also certified in Reflexology. She has been a caregiver for teenagers and the elderly when their families were out of town. She has done pet sitting for many years and has a love for all pets. They seem to feel comfortable with her and trust that she is going to give them the best care while their parents are away.

She is currently taking classes in Shamanic Arts, where she will learn to assist people and animals with healing on many levels. She plans on furthering her intuitive skills and studying with the Psychic Horizons Center, in Boulder.

Heather’s Furry Family!

  • Sol



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Alesha Bingham

Vet Tech

AleshaAlesha is originally from Reno, NV but recently became a new resident of Colorado in July 2016. “Every place and experience is still new and novel – I am enjoying discovering this gorgeous state every day! I will gladly accept any and all recommendations of things to see or do too – Please share!”

Alesha has two degrees before becoming a Vet Tech two years ago, she is a massage therapist and a chef. “Only one of those actually works with my choice of caring for animals now. The other is just a fun hobby that I get to share with others.”

“Getting into the veterinary field was an accident, but, the best accident of my life. This is a field of endless knowledge and I love learning something new every day at work. Caring for and comforting animals in their time of need has become an ultimate passion of mine. I don’t know where this career will take me, but as long as the direction continues with my passion, I am open and excited to continue with this journey! As a Vet Tech, I am confident in my abilities to administer medications and understanding medical differences with our fur babies. I am excited to join the successful team of Errand Service Biz, Inc dba e-Services Pet Care. e-Services Pet Care is the type of Company that I want to add value to with my expertise of the Pet Care field.”


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Donna White, CNA

Certified Nursing Assistant

DonnaDonna has been working in Health Care for over 25 years. She is experienced in all aspects of nursing. In 2004, Donna starting working independently as a Private Duty CNA doing home care. Prior to her self-employment, Donna was employed at several different retirement communities. She provides quality patient care and activities for daily living. As an exceptional employee, Donna was promoted to Restorative Aide and was instrumental in a new program that was designed to keep residents living independently in their apartments or homes.

“Providing quality care is my passion and working in Health Care has been my privilege.” Donna

I am thrilled to have Donna on the Senior Care Team.


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Deborah Rubenfeld

Specialist, Pet, Walk and Train Expert

DeborahDeborah is a lifelong dog lover and currently owns a 200 lb Mastiff named Oscar. She is a dog trainer using the “Natural Dog Training” techniques devised by master dog trainer Kevin Behan, whom she spent time with training dogs in VT. She specializes in helping dogs with PTSD, and severe behavioral issues. Deborah is also studying for a certificate in holistic animal studies and as a certified pet nutritionist.


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Heidi Thomas

Specialist, Pet Care

HeidiHi there! My name is Heidi, nice to meet you!

Let me tell you a little about myself…..I am a Colorado native, living in the Broomfield area and have a small family, my husband and I and our dog, Toby. I am a former middle school health teacher and EMT, both centered around caring and helping others, it’s what makes me happy.

12 strong years of pet sitting experience has given me the opportunity to fulfill my love, desire and need to be with animals, but has also given my clients the sense of security and comfort they need while traveling. My love for all animals is apparent. I am confident in my ability to give top notch care to animals with special needs, including administering medications, as well as those that just require TLC. Clients have said I am reliable, responsible and trustworthy, something I pride myself on in this business.

I look forward to meeting you and having the pleasure of caring for your loved ones.

Heidi’s Furry Family!

  • Toby



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Avery Feiertag

Specialist, Pet Care


Avery FeiertagAvery Feiertag is a Colorado Native and psychology student at Western State, and has loved animals, especially dogs, as long as he can remember. He has had his dog Spirit since he was 5, and has been with him through all the stages of his life and care, and looks forward to applying that experience to any animals that can benefit from it. Avery will be an asset to the e-Services Pet Care Team. We are so happy he joined the team.




Avery’s Furry Family!

  • In memory. Spirit passed away.


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Pam Clark

Specialist, Pet Care

PamClarkPam grew up in Durango, CO, and first moved to Lafayette in 2005. After a brief stint on the east coast, she wised-up and moved back to Colorado again in 2014. She’s worked as a software engineer and math teacher, studied bioinformatics in grad school, and presently does sales and repairs at a local bike shop. A life-long animal lover, she loves playing with cats and dogs, taking good care of them, and getting to be part of their happy lives! In her free time, Pam likes to cook, play sports, and fly fish. She’s also pretty good at setting up and fixing technology and computers. We are excited for Pam to join our Pet Care Team. If you need help with your technology and/or computers Pam is your person for that as well.


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Susan Swern

Specialist, Senior Care

Susan-SwernAre you a chronic dieter or binge eater?

Do you suspect you have food sensitivities or gut issues?

Can thyroid or hormone imbalances be increasing your waistline or decreasing your mood?

Are you overwhelmed by food shopping and cooking? Susan is a skilled certified Eating Behavior+Nutrition Coach who has supported hundreds of clients achieve greater health and vitality. Since we are all unique as human beings, she will customize a wellness plan tailored to your priorities and preferences. Using tools from eating psychology, stress management, functional wellness, integrative nutrition, mind-body connection and personal organizing, she can help you and your loved ones eat AND live better! (Her senior pups can vouch for her methods too!)



Susan’s Furry Family!

  • Henry


  • Vinny



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Anne Spear

Specialist, Pet Care

AnneAnne moved to Lafayette in 2007.  She is Lafayette Elementary School’s Garden to Table Program Coordinator, as well as Social Media Manager, and an Executive Board member of their PTA.  She has a passion for gardening and a love of animals.  Currently, her family includes two dogs and two cats.  Anne works out of her home as a seamstress doing alterations, custom projects, and teaching sewing lessons to all ages.  When you can’t find her sewing or in the garden, look for her practicing yoga, enjoying a round of Frisbee golf, or walking and taking care of animals.




Anne’s Furry Family!

  • Haze


  • Maize


  • Siloh


  • Talula



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Nani Oneia Aspinwall

Specialist, Pet Care


Nani Oneia AspinwallOne of Nani’s favorite roles in life is being Aunt Nani whether it is to her friends’ kids and her actual niece or to the cats and dogs of her community. Nani has been pet sitting for over 15 years. She pet sits because she loves animals and has a deep passion for their well being. Nani is also fluent in Spanish & English so she will interpret and/or translate for you if you need.

Nani will be a great asset to the e-Services Pet Care Team.


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